Official Rules of Disc Golf

PDGA Official Rules of Disc Golf

Relevant highlights:

  • For missed mandatory routes (mandos): The lie for the next throw is the drop zone for that mandatory. If no drop zone has been designated, the lie for the next throw is the previous lie.

  • A player whose disc is in a hazard receives one penalty throw. The lie is not relocated.

  • To obtain relief from a casual area, the player's lie may be relocated to the nearest lie which is farther from the target and is on the line of play, at the nearest point that provides relief.

  • The two-meter rule refers to a disc coming to rest at least two meters above the in-bounds playing surface. The two-meter rule is not in effect unless the Director declares it to be in effect. (It has not been declared to be in effect at Estero.)

Courtesy during Leagues and Tournaments

  • Please turn all cell phones to silent during play.

  • Please no talking while a member of your group is throwing.

  • Use of alcohol and illegal substances on the course is against park rules and is grounds for immediate disqualification.

  • Discs thrown in the lake may not be retrieved during the round unless they are within reach of the shore.

  • If a disc is lost please ask for help from your group and start the three minute count to maintain speed of play.